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5 Cute Work Outfit Ideas

5 Cute Work Outfit Ideas
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5 Cute Work Outfit Ideas

Knowing what to wear to work can be a real challenge when you’re given free rein to wear whatever you wish. If you’re a fashionista, knowing how to play down your look for a more work-appropriate ensemble can be difficult, but on the other hand, having no experience in creating stylish outfits can be just as daunting when it comes to making a good impression on your colleagues.

Starting a new job can lead to a great deal of stress. For casual workplaces, how do you go about choosing an outfit without looking too relaxed, and for more formal environments, how do you avoid being overdressed? To be sure what your workplace expects of you, ask this question in the interview before you make any purchases.

If you want to know how to dress well for your workplace, here are a few key outfit ideas that are appropriate for almost any job role.

1.   Comfy and casual

If your workplace is laid-back and allows you to put comfort before formality, then a cashmere sweater would certainly be a great place to start. As you spend most of your day at work, being comfortable is the key to happiness and productivity. One of the best benefits of cashmere is its ability to adjust to the temperature. Made with luxurious natural fibers, it’s incredibly lightweight and has a high moisture content, meaning it will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

What's more, it’s also very long-lasting and should see you through the years ahead. A cashmere sweater can be easily styled over a crisp shirt or paired up with tailored trousers for a smart-casual feel. Always wear played-down outfits with a pair of heels to avoid looking too weekend-ready.

If you don’t have many business casual pieces in your wardrobe and believe that most of your items are too sophisticated for your workplace, there are various ways you can change up your existing items to suit a more laid-back style. If you have one too many two-piece suits, use the blazer for layering over your cashmere sweater and style alongside jeans. Likewise, the skirt from the suit can be used to team with the cashmere sweater and a leather jacket.

2.   Glamourous

Nothing screams glamour at the office like sporting a pencil skirt. Classic and chic, these garments define ‘strong’ and ‘confident’ and are perfect for days spent at the desk and nights on the town for a few after work cocktails. The slim-fitting nature of pencil skirts will look great with a pair of stiletto heels and a blouse.

You could choose a solid-hued pencil skirt, which is great for easy styling against any top. Primary colors will amp up a black or white blouse, rather than playing it safe with neutral hues. You may even wish to go even bolder with a patterned pencil skirt to make a real statement. Be assured to match patterns with a top that is the exact shade as one of the colors within the skirt to avoid color clashing.

3.   Edgy

If your workplace allows you to express yourself, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go all out and wear whatever it is that makes you feel contented. In fact, creative workplaces are far more likely to hire those with an individual dress sense as it showcases that they aren’t afraid to make their presence known. An edgy work look may include the likes of a leather skirt, a denim jacket, and stud-detailed flats; however, it really is up to you how you wish to go about making yourself stand out.

4. Simple yet feminine

Out of the office, you may have an effortlessly cute and feminine style that you believe wouldn’t transition well into an office setting. However, there’s no reason why your floral summer dresses, smart blazers, and ballet flats couldn’t make up a killer work outfit during the height of the summer months. You could pair a t-shirt with a floral midi skirt and heels which offers a smart-casual feel, while still making a professional impact.

5.   Finish with accessories

Dependent on the rules and regulations of your workplace, you could opt to complete your outfit effortlessly by adding a few accessories for that touch of extra polish. Accessories can bring out the best of your separates by playing on specific colors and drawing the eye to key pieces within your outfit. Statement accessories are ideal for adding a distinct finishing touch to neutral-toned attire. They also have the ability to change up a look if you decide to mix and match the same separates regularly, as a way of creating something completely unique.

What you wear to work will certainly influence your mood and confidence, therefore, putting together outfits that you’re comfortable with is something to try out in the near future. Play on your own style preferences and personality to define how you wish to be viewed while in the office or boardroom of your new job.

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