5 Ways to Make Sustainable Fashion Decisions

5 Ways to Make Sustainable Fashion Decisions

Fashion and the clothes-making process can have adverse effects on the environment, as well as the people who make them. If every individual makes wise fashion decisions, then we can start to create a sustainable fashion industry that reflects our changing world. State Cashmere prides themselves on creating environmentally friendly and sustainable products through their high-quality cashmere. Making sustainable decisions is not as difficult as it may at first appear, and this post will help to guide you in making the right fashion decisions.

1. Check Your Source

Checking the source of your clothing’s material is of vital importance to ensure that you are making the correct fashion decision. Companies should be willing to work with their farmers and manufacturers to make a positive impact on both human and animal lives, while also producing their products in a sustainable manner.

State Cashmere’s clothing comes straight from sustainable farms in Mongolia and is transported directly to their manufacturers, without a middle man or mark-up prices. This process ensures that the partnership between the company and farmers is sustainable and that the farms are of the highest standard. Additionally, we at State Cashmere have a long-lasting and friendly relationship with our Chinese manufacturers, allowing us to negotiate on agreements that each are happy with and control the price of our products.

2. Use an Environmentally Friendly Company

Environmentally friendly companies will limit the pollution of their products and ensure that cashmere and cotton farming methods are sustainable and do not have a negative impact on the lives of their animals, or the humans that live in the surrounding areas.

You should also ensure that the brand you use is ethical and check that they have measures in place to ensure that there is little risk of human exploitation on their farms or within their factories. The raw material for our high-quality cashmere garments, such as the Tunic Turtleneck Sweater, are supplied and manufactured within Inner Mongolia and Ningxia. This provides the best environmental and natural conditions possible, which, in turn, allows for the finest quality cashmere to be produced. It also enables your products to be designed for both comfort and durability.

3. Avoid Chemical Usage

The fabrics used to make the clothes that you wear are often treated with chemicals or made from synthetic materials that negatively damage the environment. However, ethical brands will use only use natural materials and create pure products straight from the raw materials, without the addition of chemicals or other nasty additives.

In the case of State Cashmere, we pride ourselves on being able to produce 100% pure cashmere for our customers. Not only is this better for the environment than adding synthetic and human-made materials, but using raw materials also gives you the gentle feel that our cashmere provides, as well as one of the best fabrics for skin sensitivity, which is needed for products such as the Fringe Throw Blanket. Therefore, not only does chemical usage negatively impact the environment, but it also decreases the quality of the products that companies produce.

4. Use High-Quality Retailers

Although State Cashmere’s prices are affordable, they reflect the quality of the products that we create. Companies with a good sustainability policy will often have low-quality products at a fraction of the price that does not afford leniency to their workers or the animals that they harvest raw material from. State Cashmere provides best-selling products that add an extra sense of luxury to your everyday outfits, without the need to cut corners on the things that are important, such as the environment and safety of their workers. Garments such as the V-Neck Sweater promote the quality that you are investing in; our products are well-designed with easy comfort and supreme softness.

5. Re-Use Your Clothes

However, while checking the background of your fashion source is essential, there are many ways in which you can make your fashion choices sustainable at home. Although you may grow bored of your fashion choices, you should replace on-trend items with classic yet modern garments like the Crew Neck Button Cardigan. This gorgeous item is created in a timeless design while being easily regenerated for different outfits and occasions.

Additionally, by buying high-quality and, therefore, more durable items, you can make your wardrobe sustainable as your clothing items will last for longer. Our products are made from the most exceptional quality and are not easily susceptible to wear and tear, meaning that you can make sustainable fashion choices by replacing clothes only when they are beyond repair.

Choosing sustainable fashion options such as State Cashmere is essential to maintain both ethical practices and help to sustain the environment and natural habitats around us. By being ethically conscious and aware of the choices you are making, such as reusing old clothes, recycling, and researching your clothing companies, you will ensure that you are helping the environment through sustainable practices.