Calling all Men

Calling all Men- Classic Styles That You Need!

Here at State Cashmere, we embrace a classic style with modern-day designs. It’s no secret that we have a thing for timeless, long-lasting essentials. Like a beloved partner, they’re always there for us, they know how to comfort us, and they continuously put a smile on our faces. 

That is why we’re here to make a promise to all men out there. With easy, go-to staples, you will find yourself wearing these pieces again and again. 

Let’s start with the Men’s Turtleneck 

We know what you’re thinking. Men’s Turtlenecks aren’t meant for the summer, and we can definitely agree with that. However, you will want to place them front and center in your wardrobe during the Fall and Winter seasons. 

Designed with 100% cashmere and providing ultra-soft comfort, you won’t ever want to miss out on the irresistible softness. The simple yet sophisticated appearance will make you look just as amazing as you feel. 

Our Men’s Turtleneck Cashmere Sweater will do exactly that. Taking the title as a men’s top seller, it is guaranteed to become a forever favorite.

Next- Cashmere Sweater Men 

Similarly, Men’s Cashmere Sweaters are here to bring you that same warm, comforting feel. Available in many styles and colorways, you will find that your outfit options are endless. 

Men, let’s face it. We all deal with those lazy mornings and dread the idea of getting ready. With any of our Men’s Cashmere Sweaters, choosing your outfit instantly becomes effortless. With its stellar fit and appearance, you will want to make it your go-to almost every single time during the cooler months.  

And last but not least, the Cashmere Beanie

There is something so cool about a classic cashmere beanie. On a colder day, wearing this staple will help get you through the day. Aside from it’s soft and luxurious feel, it will deliver a relaxed, laid-back look that everyone loves. 

Whether you’re heading to the office or preparing for an evening out, we can assure you that a cashmere beanie will become one of your most-worn outwear accessories. 

Our fan-favorite? That would be the Cable Knit Cashmere Beanie.

According to Us Weekly, “Classic pieces are timeless, error-proof and work seamlessly within our existing closet options. In fact, classic pieces can singlehandedly make up our entire closet and never skip a style beat.”—and we couldn’t agree more.