Cashmere blankets that will make your couch more comfortable

Spring is here. Imagine a relaxed afternoon in spring, you are resting on your couch, what will make this scene even more comfortable? The answer is a cashmere throw.

At State Cashmere, you can find 100% cashmere or wool-cashmere throws and blankets that will elevate your living room to the next level. Please allow me to walk you through our cashmere collection.

Sourced directly from your shepherd in Inner Mongolia, the cashmere we use will give you an ultimate sense of comfort once you feel it. 

Cable-Knit Wool Cashmere Throw Blanket will be a great cashmere blanket choice on your couch. It’s not too heavy to feel like a burden. It gives you the perfect balance of luxurious softness and lightweight warmth. The cable-knitted textured style adds a timeless chic and artisanal finish to this extremely versatile and soft-colored bed cover, travel blanket, sofa accent throw, oversized shawl, all-natural nursery blanket addition. More importantly, no matter it’s as cold as in winter or as warm as in spring, this wool-cashmere blanket will always serve as a perfect addition to your couch.

If you are looking for a cashmere throw with fringe, Cashmere Fringe Throw Blanket here at State Cashmere will be your ideal choice. For this one, it’s no longer just a cashmere throw at home, it can also be an add-on piece to your outfit on a windy day. Even though the majority of us are still working from home now, we still need to prepare for a stunning look when life is back to normal right? When that time comes, it's unique in color and style and will instantly upgrade your home or office space.

You might also be interested in our 100% cashmere socks if you are into cashmere pieces in the home collection. In this 100% Pure Cashmere Socks, our gentle cashmere is luxuriously soft, giving you a second skin of warmth and protection while avoiding the scratchiness of cotton socks.

For more choices of cashmere blankets and throws, please go to our Home Collection. You will find the destination to ultimate living room comfort. In the home collection, we also have loungewear for all at-home activities, slippers and socks for a new phase of home-essentials, and some suggestions for cashmere products that will upgrade your beddings! 

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If you are looking for any other cashmere products such as cashmere sweaters or cashmere cardigans, State Cashmere is doing a good job in the women’s cashmere sweater category! 

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