From Goat to Sweater- The Cashmere Journey


The Cashmere Journey


Cashmere is a wardrobe staple for any fashion-forward, luxury-minded person. It offers versatility, comfort, and style. Cashmere is demure yet attention-grabbing, as it can be worn to make a bold fashion statement. It truly is the material that does it all. Because of this, State Cashmere has worked to create stylish pieces that offer coziness, breathability, and timeless design. 


We’re known for our direct-to-consumer business model, cutting out the middlemen, and ensuring your piece made of hand-picked, high-quality fibers arrives at your doorstep for your enjoyment. Once your State Cashmere piece arrives at your home, it begins its journey as part of your wardrobe. But what about the journey your garment completes before it becomes part of your closet? The cashmere journey, from goat to sweater, is a fascinating one. It tells the story of exceptional ethical standards, environmental consciousness, and dedicated, artisan shepherds. This is the State Cashmere difference. This is the State Cashmere story.


What Is Cashmere?


In order to appreciate the journey our products take, it is essential to understand the basics. Cashmere is actually a type of wool - except, unlike traditional wool, it is exceptionally soft. This means it makes for the perfect turtleneck sweater, winter wrap scarf, or sweater dress. A major benefit of the material is how lightweight it is, which increases its versatility and allows it to be worn again and again, season after season.


Cashmere itself is a fiber that is made of goat’s undercoat hair. This hair is quite fine. We believe cashmere in its original state offers the most luxurious feel, so State Cashmere products are 100% cashmere –we would never use a blend.


What is the process?


The cashmere that constitutes your favorite State Cashmere piece goes on a journey of its own before it arrives at your door. Once the raw cashmere is acquired from the goats, through a process of shearing or combing, it must be processed, according to APLF.


When the cashmere fibers are processed, they are also cleaned and sorted. Once this process is complete, artisans who are able to spin and weave the fibers turn them into something more tangible - like your favorite sweater.


What makes State Cashmere so unique is our dedication to creating a product that isn’t environmentally taxing, but eco-friendly instead. We wholeheartedly believe in using green practices to create our products, and this is an essential part of the State Cashmere process.


There’s a lot to learn about this gorgeous material, so we’ve broken it down into a few fast facts you need to know about cashmere.


Cashmere offers insulation unparalleled by any other material.

There’s a reason cashmere is a cold  – and warm  – weather staple: the fibers that constitute cashmere offer insulation. Laudromap, a New Zealand based laundry company, has stated that it has been said that cashmere material is three times more insulating than wool. This is partially why cashmere is considered such a luxurious fiber: it is especially cozy and provides its wearers with a softness that is unable to be found elsewhere.


Cashmere pieces are wrinkle-free.

If you needed another reason to love this timeless material, we have it! Cashmere clothing is ideal because it does not wrinkle, allowing it to be placed in a suitcase and worn on the go. Cashmere adds a timeless elegance which elevates any outfit, and that is accentuated through its lack of wrinkles. It is important to take care of your cashmere clothing correctly to ensure that this holds up.


Cashmere fibers are only able to be harvested once annually.

Part of what makes cashmere so exclusive is how elusive acquiring the fiber can be. According to HuffPost, it is only harvested from goats once a year. Many of the goats that have coats that produce this fiber are located in Mongolia - which is where State Cashmere works with shepherds to get our cashmere from. It’s clean, it’s ethical, it’s sustainable.


It’s obvious why cashmere is a fan-favorite material. Between its wearability, uncomplicated gracefulness, and versatility, cashmere helps create a timeless look that is both beloved by men and women. It’s an everyday classic, and you’ll never have to wonder what to wear with a solid, heirloom piece of cashmere.  State Cashmere’s emphasis on sustainability, direct to consumer design, and 100% cashmere blend establish it as the best of the best - we can’t wait for our piece to become a favorite of yours in your wardrobe.