Go chic with State Cashmere

Are you feeling uninspired by the lack of choice in your wardrobe? Or are you feeling overwhelmed by the thousands of items stuffed into your overflowing drawers? After this longest time in forever that you’ve stayed in, If you find yourself staring into the depths of your closet every morning, it may be time to consider your selection. 


By adding a few of State Cashmere’s key pieces to your wardrobe, you will help to stop your moments of indecision and allow yourself to wear smart and elegant cashmere outfits every day of the year!


Our number 1 rule of being chic in cashmere is: Start with the Basics


Clothing options most often feel overwhelming if you have too many choices. By centering your wardrobe around a couple of essential State Cashmere pieces, you will be able to build smart and sophisticated outfits based on simplicity at an affordable price. 


Our Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater and Long-Sleeved Crew Neck Sweater Dress are the perfect starting points for smart outfits, plus there are many ways to wear them, including for work or a casual weekend afternoon. Comfort is key with essential clothing pieces, and the 100% pure cashmere evident in these garments allows you to feel comfortable and flexible during any activity that you choose.

What’s more, our soft material is gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

Our classic designs are perfect for creating basic wardrobes from which you can mix and match garments, allowing you to focus on a couple of high-quality items made from the finest cashmere, rather than garments that will be left at the back of your wardrobe.


The point of starting with the basics is, they go with everything. If you feel like you want to wear a jacket today, they go with jackets. If you feel like you want to wear sneakers, cashmere basics can be casual as well, effortless casual. 

basic cashemre

For more inspiration, check out how our fans are styling the basic State Cashmere pieces here on our Instagram page.