Introducing the Undyed Cashmere Collection

Our new Undyed Cashmere Collection features some of our bestselling cashmere staples in beautiful cream and white shades. What is undyed cashmere? Our undyed cashmere is 100% cashmere that is unbleached and undyed and can be found in cream, beige, and brown fibers. Pure cashmere is at its softest when it hasn’t been treated, retaining the natural color of cashmere goats.

Undyed cashmere is the most sustainable choice for cashmere lovers and connoisseurs, as there are fewer chemicals and less water consumption involved in the production process. Only the essential processes are applied during the manufacturing of undyed cashmere: washing, blending, combing, and spinning. This allows pure cashmere to keep its natural characteristics, from its pure color and soft feel to its breathability. Undyed yarns emphasize the raw beauty of pure cashmere and have superior softness. When dye is excluded from the production process, cashmere pieces can hold their original shape and strength even better. Cashmere fibers free of chemicals and dye have stronger insulation to trap heat and will also have greater antimicrobial resistance over time. This means the cashmere is not only softer and more long-lasting but also better at fighting off odors.

Our undyed pieces are exceptionally durable and warm while being extra comfortable to wear. They come in two shades - undyed natural and undyed white - and these natural colors are achieved by carefully hand-separating the color of cashmere goat fibers. Since our cashmere goats range in different hues of beige and brown, their fibers are carefully sorted and matched before they are spun together into yarn that is used to create each cashmere garment. Any slight differences in color seen in our undyed cashmere are normal due to the natural variation of cashmere wool and reflect the heritage of each piece.

Take your cashmere collection to the next level with our Undyed Cashmere Collection, featuring premium raw cashmere straight from the heart of Inner Mongolia.