How to upgrade your Work From Home outfit

 Work From Home Outfit Inspiration 


You must have gradually become used to this work from home life now. When you do not need to commute anymore, why not consider upgrading your stay home outfit, to give work from home a sense of ceremony? 


Here at State Cashmere, I believe you can find the entire outfit you need in this one-stop shopping. 


What do you care the most about the outfit at home? You don’t want to wear jeans and feel stuck in those. You would want soft and warm clothes that you feel comfortable in. Because you would wear them to do work, house chores, or even some simple workout. 


Our loungewear set will be the best choice for this. Our Long Sleeve Crew Neck Cashmere Loungewear Sweater has teamed up with a pair of Cashmere Knitted Pants to give you an elevated loungewear experience- they are all 100% high-quality cashmere. You can imagine the softness on yourself the second that you touch them. In this spring that still has a hint of the chillness, this matching set will warm you up. If you are opting for style and comfort at the same time, this cashmere set should become your go-to OOTD every day at home. More importantly, it's a super Zoom video call presentable look. The set comes in Black, Ivory, Cammello, and Heather Grey. There must be one color that you like the best. 


Since we are already talking about the sense of ceremony, let’s make sure we cover everything. Our 100% Pure Cashmere Socks will cover your feet. With the incredible softness of the finest cashmere, they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. You can expect them to maintain a high-quality with excellent anti-pilling performance. Isn’t it exactly what you are looking for in at-home socks


In our various home and loungewear collections, the Pom Pom slippers will make this look even better. These soft cashmere slippers know how to indulge you in ultimate relaxation every time you wear them. How long have you not been wearing outside shoes? Start to wear these cashmere slippers then! 


cashmere loungewear


To explore more cashmere loungewear choices, go to our home collection. You can shop the entire look that I just described there!