Must-Have Clothing to have in Your Wardrobe

Must-Have Clothing to have in Your Wardrobe
Here at State Cashmere, we pride ourselves on creating classic and traditional clothing options to fill the gaps in any wardrobe. Our premium products partner unique designs with 100% pure cashmere, ensuring that your closet is of the highest quality and provides the best outfits for any occasion. However, there are some clothing options which are simply inescapable, and which you must have in your wardrobe for it to be truly complete.

The Sweater
The winter weather shows no signs of stopping, and if you want to battle it in comfort, you will need the right clothing to keep you warm and happy. Our collection of sweaters combines the finest materials with classic designs to ensure that you are able to enjoy your winter activities in warmth and comfort. For an essential and yet flattering design that you can wear for any occasion, our Tunic Turtleneck Sweater is a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe. Whether paired with a suit blazer or jeans, this tunic will provide you with a durable elegance throughout the winter months, creating no excuse for you to put off any ventures into the wilderness. Unlike the often scratchy feel of polyester and cotton sweaters, the Tunic Turtleneck Sweater is both soft and cozy, feeling gentle to your skin no matter how long you wear it for.
If you want to add some extra vividness to your wardrobe, our Contrast Color Turtleneck Sweater may be the right addition to your wardrobe. Although it comes in daring colors such as purple, the sweater keeps its elegance through its classic design. We have redesigned a classic look, suitable for both office wear and casual weekends, with a modern twist through an exciting and vibrant color palette. However, this does not diminish from our aims to ensure that every product has a luxurious feel and cut, allowing you to wear the perfect balance between classic designs and modernity.

The Cardigan
Layers are an essential factor in any wardrobe, allowing you to dress appropriately and acclimatize to any unforeseen weather changes. This is particularly important in the spring and autumn, where seasonal changes can make it difficult to find the right outfit. It makes a cashmere cardigan a must-have in any wardrobe, and our Crew Neck Button Cardigan can be the perfect addition. The cardigan will add a layer of comfort to any outfit, allowing you to feel cozy in any situation, even at work. Its basic design will enable you to pair your cardigan with any number of looks, making it fit for work or play, and it will complement, rather than overshadow, any outfit that you wear. Coming in a range of colors, from bright red to black, the Crew Neck Cardigan is the best way to layer your outfits successfully, allowing you to stay on trend while keeping warm and dressed suitably for the weather.

The Dress
Dresses can make simple additions to any wardrobe, adding instant sophistication to your ensemble. State Cashmere’s Long Sleeve Crew Neck Sweater Dress, in its simple and yet elegant design, is an excellent choice to dress both up and down according to the event that you are attending. Whether you want to head to the shops or are planning on an evening out, this flattering dress can be worn both day and night with the right accessories, cutting the cost of buying multiple outfits. Its premium and durable material also ensure it has reduced wear and tear, meaning that you can wear it and that your skin can feel the benefits from its gentle material for years to come if you look after it.
If you are looking for a dress to wear to the office, the Sleeveless Knit Dress is the perfect option for both winter and summer, with its cool and effortlessly layered design. Your ability to wear this with trousers or a skirt also means that there are a variety of options to pair with this outfit, from suit trousers to a casual skirt. This range of style allows you to stay elegant whatever the occasion and enjoy the authentic cashmere experience without the adverse effects of anti-pilling, which has the potential to damage clothes.

Your wardrobe is your best opportunity to be prepared for the weather outside or the occasion at hand. Whether you need a smart outfit to wear to the office or a sweater that you can wear on casual weekends, State Cashmere’s collection provides a range of premium and high-quality clothing for every occasion, many of which can be dressed for both evening and day wear. This flexibility is not the only reason why State Cashmere’s collection is a must-have, however. Along with affordable pricing for everyone, State Cashmere offers a sustainable and environmentally way to update your wardrobe with classic fashions, bringing a hint of sophistication to every day.