Seven Reasons Why We Love Cashmere

Cashmere is luxury incarnate, but unlike the latest trend or the next big thing on the catwalk, it is timeless. A single black, cashmere sweater can work with any wardrobe and be the perfect accompaniment year after year, even generation after generation. Taken care of properly cashmere only gets softer and can last for decades.

Cashmere is also a relatively rare material. Unlike cotton or wool, Kashmir goats only live and thrive in a few areas around the world. It also takes several goats to produce just one scarf, much less a full sweater. Thankfully, however, no harm comes to these goats, meaning that so long as they are cared for and their environment remains protected, cashmere is a very sustainable option that is as good for the planet as it is for the environment.

There is so much to love about cashmere, which is why we have compiled this list of the seven top reasons cashmere is the best fiber to have in your wardrobe, and why no wardrobe is complete without at least one staple piece.

All a woman needs to be chic is a raincoat, two suits, a pair of trousers and a cashmere sweater.

– Hubert de Givenchy

1. Cashmere is Incredibly Soft

Grade A cashmere is incredibly durable and ridiculously soft. The maximum width of a Grade A cashmere fiber is 16.5 microns, with the average being 14. To put this into perspective the human hair averages between 60 to 100 microns. Grade A cashmere is also at least 36mm in length, hence why it is so durable and can be such a great investment to your wardrobe.

It is due to this thinness that cashmere is so soft, with the sweater in question getting softer depending on the rating. Even grade C is softer compared to many sweater types, but Grade A is something else. Cashmere also lacks something known as lanolin, which not only makes it hypoallergenic, it also means it doesn’t feel scratchy against your skin.

What’s more, is that your sweater will get softer overtime, so long as you hand wash it with care and dry it flat.

2. Is Super Insulating 

Cashmere is incredibly insulating due to its thinness, as the knit itself can be quite tight. Cashmere is so warm and insulating that it can actually keep you up to 3x as warm as regular wool, meaning you can be warmer during winter with less bulk than you are used to.

3. Yet Great at Keeping You Cool

We all know cashmere is one of the best materials to keep you warm. After all, it is wool, and wool is traditionally used to keep you warm and dry even in the most miserable of weather. What you might not know, however, is that cashmere can also be excellent at keeping you cool. The reason for this is that cashmere is capable of both absorbing and releasing water vapor. This breathability is what can help keep you cool even in summer, though you might find it better suited for the shoulder-seasons of spring and fall.

4. Piece of Luxury

The luxury industry is obsessed with cashmere, and this love affair won’t go away any time soon. Though there is a middle-market for cashmere, the best you can invest in is the aforementioned Grade A cashmere. This cashmere will cost you more, but if it lasts you a lifetime, then it is a purchase well spent.

5. Heirloom Quality

When you hear something is heirloom quality, it means it improves with age. Good quality cashmere is heirloom quality. Taken care of, cashmere can last you forever, so long in fact that you can pass your quality cashmere on to your children.

6. Timeless

A simple, quality cashmere sweater is a timeless, essential piece for every wardrobe. How many ways can you style a beautiful, soft, luxurious black sweater? It is for this reason that they are such great investment pieces for all types of men and women. No matter your sense of style, treating yourself to a quality cashmere garment is a great way to improve your wardrobe and enjoy a soft cuddle every time you wear it.

7.    Makes for the Perfect Gift

All these reasons and more make cashmere anything a great gift to give to friends, family, work colleagues, and even your boss. Even a small gift, like socks, can become a great one if the socks are made out of cashmere. The material is so versatile, so soft, and so durable that giving the gift of cashmere is one of the best ideas you’ll ever have.

Cashmere is an investment piece that everyone should have in their closet. It is soft, it is breathable, it is insulating, and when taken care of properly it can last generations. Cashmere is one of the best materials to have in your wardrobe, so invest in a sweater for yourself today.