Vacation Ready

Vacation season is finally here! Whether you’re traveling abroad or embarking on a weekend getaway, State Cashmere is here to fulfill all of your travel needs.

According to New York Times, “Packing may seem simple, but it is a science with rules that travelers often learn the hard way over thousands of miles on the road.”

We’ve all been down that road before. When traveling, many of us struggle between over packing or not packing enough.

State Cashmere has unlocked the secret code behind strategic packing. With ready-to-wear styles and versatile collections, packing is always a breeze.


All it takes is 3 essentials:


1. Cashmere Cardigan

fringe cardigan

    The weather isn’t always predictable, especially when it comes to tropical climates.


    Instead of a bulky hoodie, opt for a lightweight cashmere cardigan. For cooler days, you will always want to have our Button-Down Blouse Cashmere Cardigan on hand. With added stretch and ultra-soft comfort, it’s the perfect essential for daytime or evening.


    In the summer, the air conditioning can leave you cold with goose bumps. Especially when dinning out, you can’t always control the temperature of the room. With any of our cardigans, you can keep cozy while still looking your very best.

    2. Easy Tees

    When it comes to sightseeing, a basic tee is exactly what you will need. You will want to keep that fresh, clean look throughout the day while feeling fully energized.


    Our Knot-Front Stripe Top Sweater will allow you to do just that.   The sheer yarn will deliver a relaxed and comfortable fit, while the knotted front detailing finishes your look in style.


    While serving as a basic essential, State Cashmere offers fun and feminine tees that will keep you right on trend. Cue our Off Shoulder Top Sweater. 


    Classically elegant and fitted yet incredibly comfortable, this cropped off-shoulder sweater will become your go-to look for brunch or outdoor strolls.

    3. Versatile Tanks 

    Hot temperatures call for cool essentials. However, this doesn’t mean that you should have to sacrifice your style.


    When combining style with lightweight comfort, we introduce you with the Cotton Tank Top Sweater. 


    Paired with denim shorts or a midi skirt, this top will become a must-have for transitioning from day to night. With elegant pointelle detailing, it will offer a vintage feel that will turn heads wherever you go.


    Your options don’t stop there. With sophisticated styles like our Sleeveless Turtleneck Cashmere Sweater, you’re already set for a night out. Embellished with sequins, this sleeveless sweater has the perfect amount of subtle detail.


    Here at State Cashmere, we know that these 3 travel essentials will make your next vacation that much easier. With breathable and versatile essentials, we have you covered for all of your upcoming adventures!