Will Cashmere Goats be COLD?

Cashmere fiber is from the undercoats of cashmere goats. This warm undercoat has protected them from the fierce weather condition in where they live (for example, Gobi desert).

What will happen to the cashmere goat after we comb the cashmere fiber? Will they feel cold? Are they still able to survive in the winter? 

The answer is - No, they won’t feel cold, as the cashmere collection season is every spring, only in spring. The warm cashmere undercoat has helped them endure the freezing cold. They don’t need it for the upcoming summer. When the fall and winter hits next year, they will grow a new cashmere undercoat to protect themselves! 


(No, we won't comb cashmere off little baby cashmere goats!)

Every spring, when the weather is warming up, we go to the shepherds’ to collect the cashmere fiber that they comb from the cashmere goats. Yes, they do not shed or shear, they gently comb the cashmere fiber off the undercoat. In this way, the cashmere fiber we get will contain less goat hair that’s not cashmere. At the same time, it does not hurt the goats, as our shepherds love their cashmere goats!