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We have one of the largest cashmere manufacturing factories in Northern China. Established more than 30 years ago, the factory employs highly experienced staff and makes the pieces in our cashmere collection. The grounds of our factory are simple, yet elegant.

Our factory is renowned for its highly professional and skilled workforce, advanced equipment and commitment to customers’ satisfaction. The proximity as well as the relationship our factory has with the workers enables us to get raw materials of the highest quality.


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We use the most modern spinning and dyeing machines (obtained from Italy and Switzerland) and outstanding technology to produce the best in luxury and comfort. The highly advanced machines can produce a wide variety of designs and patterns.

The machines allow a variety of gauges. The operation of the machines is closely monitored to ensure consistency throughout the fabric.



State Cashmere Fabric Photo

We make use of the best and 100% pure cashmere to produce items that you can wear irrespective of seasonal trends. With the focus on creating versatile, timeless knitwear, our collections signify the quality of the materials that we use.

Our materials are natural, pure and sustainable. These are used to make beautiful cashmere products that do not compromise on social responsibility.

Finding the right materials starts with sourcing for the best fibers with the right length and thinness. The materials are then spun into fine yarn to produce knit wears that are softer than a baby’s bottom.

We make use of only Grade A cashmere which is sourced directly from Mongolia and turned into yarn on our modern machines in Northern China.


State Cashmere sources its cashmere from Mongolian goats. The Mongolian climate plays an essential role in the production of cashmere. The climate and geography of Mongolia are suited for cashmere goats, which survive in harsh dry mountainous climate and produce cashmere of the highest quality.


Our factory comprises teams of highly skilled and experienced workers that work together to produce high quality and durable pieces. All our garments and cashmere products are lovingly made with the highest care and skill by our workers who work in clean, safe and friendly surroundings.

Our staffs are committed to producing high-quality cashmere products that are lightweight, yet extremely warm with a wonderful feel on the skin and extreme versatility. 


State Cashmere

State Cashmere is a global business with products that can be ordered from any part of the world.

Our 100% high-quality natural cashmere is transported directly from the source to our factory- no middlemen, no markups. This helps us to produce cashmere products with the best price while you enjoy the most luxurious cashmere experience.

We are proud of every piece that emanates from our factory and we hope you love our products as much as we do. Feel free to explore our collections.

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