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Premium Quality, Sustainability, and always Cozy.

State Cashmere’s collection of high-quality and unique designs give you the sublime fit and elegance that you need on a daily basis, with the additional comfort of the purest cashmere to keep you warm throughout the day. Whether you wear State Cashmere to work or during your weekend walks, with our finest premium cashmere, you are sure to master the ‘smart-casual’ look, while feeling absolutely divine! 

High-Quality Raw Materials

Our mission is to use 100% pure cashmere in all of our products, ensuring that all our clothing lines are of the same superb quality. Unlike many off-the-rack brands, our products are soft and gentle on your skin. What’s more, each garment is very flexible and warm, allowing you to perform any activity from an afternoon in the shopping mall to hiking.
Additionally, they are also perfect for active use and impact. Why? Their quality makes them extremely durable and strong against the wear-and-tear we know daily life can bring.
Our products are perfect for use for a variety of purposes, from adding accessories to make them ideal for an evening out to a casual Sunday afternoon with the children.

Affordable Prices

All our products are sourced straight from Mongolia, where our cashmere is farmed. Unlike other cashmere clothing collections, where raw materials are passed through corporate businesses our materials come straight to our company. After the farming process, there is no middle man: the finest, and only the finest, cashmere is then transported straight to State Cashmere and our designers.
Due to the pure nature of our procedure, with our products transported straight from farmer to you, there are no price markups or extravagant recommended retail prices. Instead, you pay the best rate for premium cashmere as possible, and one that directly corresponds to our manufacturing process.
Additionally, our long and treasured relationship with our factories in Northern China has been maintained for over 20 years. This vital relationship allows us to negotiate and establish the best price for our products. Therefore, our products are the best value possible for you and your family, without unnecessary mark-ups.

The Best Environment

Our products are transported straight from the hills of Mongolia and its farms. It means that our products are also environmentally friendly and sustainable, as we work in connection with local farmers to create the best cashmere production for the environment as possible. We also ensure that our products are made in the best environmental conditions by working in partnership with Inner Mongolia and Ningxia. The best cashmere for your clothing is only produced from the highest standard of farming conditions and locations, and we strive to achieve this in an effort to create the most beautiful cashmere.

Unique and Sophisticated Designs

Our State Cashmere designs are incredibly unique and focused on allowing you to get the best experience from our products, from walking the dog to heading to the office. Our design team is based in New York, and have outstanding design experience, bringing their skills together to create exceptional products from our quality cashmere. Their incredible design sense enables them to transform the raw material into luxurious and comfortable products for you and your family, whether that be a scarf or a basic dress, for whatever purpose or event you choose to wear your cashmere. Their simple, elegant designs make the most of our cashmere and provide you with a beautiful, showstopping garment for you to enjoy.

Our Women’s Collection

Our range of State Cashmere clothing provides you with an excellent balance between luxury and comfort, meaning you wear the finest cashmere on an everyday basis. What’s more, our range starts at an affordable price for families and individuals looking for extra comfort.

Our V-Neck Button Cardigan, available in a number of calming colors such as Baby Blue, Navy and Ivory, is the perfect item to add to your closet for all seasons, allowing you to add a layer of warmth and gentleness to your everyday outfits. Not only this, but our Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater is an excellent product for business meetings and smarter occasions, providing you with added comfort even when the event calls for something smarter. This gorgeous product comes in a range of primary yet high-quality colors such as Cammello, Winter Twig, and Heather Grey, which allows you to match the Turtleneck Jumper with any outfit or color scheme you are aiming for. In our collection, our designers have sought to meet the needs of your everyday life, providing you with classic designs that will complement your wardrobe.

Our products are bestsellers in their field, and the top products that we have available range from t-shirts to long cardigans. Within our State Cashmere collection, we aim to produce products that you can wear and relax in all year round, whether you want to stay warm in the winter or add layers in the summer months.

Our best-selling products reflect this, with a range of gorgeous products that it is not hard to see why they are so popular. For instance, our Crew Neck Short Sleeve Tee is the perfect product for those looking for a t-shirt that is both durable and soft to the skin. Whether you are intending to spend the afternoon at the shops or playing with the children, our Crew Neck T-shirt gives you the flexibility to enjoy this product whatever activity you may be performing. Although simple, the t-shirt’s design has been crafted to look both elegant and clean, with a simple, classic appearance to complement every wardrobe.

Our Men’s Collection

At State Cashmere, our range of men’s clothing is just as popular as the women’s range, and for a very good reason! Our items can provide you with a superior element of smartness whatever the occasion which can be difficult to achieve. The Button Mock-Neck Polo Sweater is both perfect for casual sports and active weekend activities, while also looking smart and clean to look at. The relaxed and light-weight fit is ideal for active sports such as boating and golf, and the product can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion, such as being paired with jeans or suit trousers. For the best flexibility and comfort, the Polo Sweater is perfect for whatever you plan on doing during the day. It can even be worn to work due to its traditional design.

Our Kid’s Collection

One of our aims is to provide comfortable and durable clothing for all the family, and who needs comfort and flexibility more than kids? If you want your child to wear high-quality clothing that will be perfect for games and their comfort, we provide a wide range of clothing for children of all ages.

The Kids Cable Crew Neck Sweater is perfect for children who love to run around and makes the ideal addition to both weekend and winter school day outfits. Available in pink, blue, gray and black, there is a wide range of color options for even the fussiest of children to choose from. Additionally, its trimmed hemlines ensure that this is a durable product that will last until your child outgrows it. Although, with its gentleness to the skin and premium quality, it will be unlikely that your child will want to!

Our Accessories

Additionally, if you are looking for the perfect accessory to add elegance to any outfit, the State Cashmere collection is also home to a premium range of classic accessories. Our beautiful accessories include a vast array of items, from scarfs to hats and even home accessories such as the Fringe Throw Blanket, meaning you can make your cashmere a permanent fixture in your home during the cold, winter months. This elegant cashmere blanket comes in a range of bright and high-quality colors such as burgundy and camel. It’s sure to add a hint of luxury to any room, while also keeping you wrapped up warm. In fact, you can also make the perfect gift out of this premium blanket, as it comes meticulously wrapped in a black gift box to present the elegant, distinguished gift to your loved ones.
Our accessories also come in gorgeously presented Cashmere 3 Piece Winter Sets, which both make an excellent and sophisticated gift or a special treat for yourself. These sets include a scarf, gloves, and hat made from the finest cashmere, and the designs are classically patterned, with one on the options being blue and white stripes, a favorite with all generations and a pattern that never tires or goes out of date.

Whatever design you choose, State Cashmere’s collection of premium cashmere products are top of the range at affordable prices, allowing you to experience the luxury of high-quality clothing at the best cost possible. Whether you are looking to keep warm in winter, a smart outfit to wear to work, or a casual jumper to wear around the house, our collection of cashmere products can provide you with both elegance and comfort. Wherever you choose to wear them, each garment is easily paired with a number of different outfits to ensure your outfit with a hint of classic sophistication.

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