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State Cashmere

New Arrivals!

Breezy summer collection has finally arrived. 100% pure cashmere for the summer that isn't ending soon.

For our founder, Hao, cashmere is
more than just a business.

is a tradition"

Hao grew up herding goats with his grandparents in Inner Mongolia, then brought his industry expertise + authentic traditions to the US.

Following in Hao’s family’s footsteps, we only use 100% pure cashmere. No scraps, blends, or compromise.

About Our Quality

Maximum Softness, Minimal Impact

Our fiercely planet-friendly efforts include:

  • Sustainable Sourcing

    All our cashmere is fair-trade & cruelty-free—and we always put the wellbeing of our shepherds and goats first.

  • State Repairs

    We offer complimentary stitching services, so you can repair old favorites rather than buying new ones.

  • Cashmere Recycling

    We’re working on a cashmere buy-back Program to reduce waste and give your used cashmere a second life. Launching Fall 2021.

About Our Initiatives

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State Cashmere

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