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Cashmere Care

Caring for your cashmere babies

Treat your cashmere babies right and you will get years of comfort and coziness. Professional dry cleaning works, but it’s just as easy to hand wash at home. Grab your rubber ducky—it’s bath time.

Step 1

Pre-wash prep

Just like bathing a baby you’ll need gentle soap, a bowl and a towel. Fill the bowl with warm water (you can do the elbow test to make sure it’s not too hot) and swirl in a glug of soap. Remember to be gentle with your babies—dry clean or hand wash only, and definitely no bleach!

Step 2

Get your suds on

Lower your cashmere babies into their bath and gently massage to work up a lather. Let them get nice and soapy, then leave to soak for half an hour. Once done, rinse out in a bowl of clean water and gently squeeze to remove the drips.

Step 3

Lay out for a nap

Lay your babies flat, in their original shapes, on a clean, dry, white towel. Gently roll up the towel—like a yoga mat—pressing out the water as you go. Unwrap and lay flat to finish drying.

Step 4

Tuck your babies up

Cashmere can stretch if hung so your babies are best tucked up in boxes or storage bags. Fold them gently and store in a cool, dark, dry place. For extra protection, you can throw in a couple of moth balls just in case.

Step 5

Keep them silky smooth

Pilling is a pain but luckily it’s not permanent. Use a pilling comb, sweater stone or fine tooth comb to brush off fluffballs and keep your cashmere as smooth as a baby’s skin.

Maximum Softness, Minimal Impact

Our fiercely planet-friendly efforts include:

  • Sustainable Sourcing

    All our cashmere is fair-trade & cruelty-free—and we always put the wellbeing of our shepherds and goats first.

  • State Repairs

    We offer complimentary stitching services, so you can repair old favorites rather than buying new ones.

  • Cashmere Recycling

    We’re working on a cashmere buy-back Program to reduce waste and give your used cashmere a second life. Launching Fall 2021.

About Our Initiatives
State Cashmere

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