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About Us

State Cashmere was founded in 2017 in New York City, but we have been in the cashmere industry for generations. I come from a family of shepherds. I long to share with you the beautiful life of growing up in Inner Mongolia, grandparents who were shepherds, and our raising of our cashmere goats. Because of my family heritage, and my passion for cashmere, we bring you the finest cashmere basics from the heart of my homeland, with integrity and honesty.

Our Values

The Mission

Our Goats

The Land

The best cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia. Inner Mongolia is quite remote and isolated from the world manufacturing community. The land is home to one of the world’s oldest domesticated livestock - the cashmere goat, a sustainable source of raw material for fine textiles.

Raw Material: Inner Mongolia 
Processing Factory: Inner Mongolia 
Packaging & Shipping: New Jersey 
Headquarters: New York City